Worshipping Friends. A movement of friends who love to worship.

The Story.
Worshipping Friends is a worship movement looking to: encourage, promote and provide opportunities to worship.
We believe worshipping Jesus is where everything starts. It is the most powerful act. It is where we learn more about true love, where our true courage lies, where we see God's purposes and plans increased in our lives and our communities. It is what we were made for, what our core longs for. We also think worship sets the stage for more powerful encounters with Him not just for ourselves but for our friends, communities and our nation.
  • A W Tozer

    “We are saved to worship God. All that Christ has done in the past and all that He is doing now leads to this end``

  • Bill Johnson

    ``Don't let the ``how to's`` of worship distract you from the ``Who to.``'

  • C. S. Lewis

    ``We only learn to behave ourselves in the presence of God.``

We think it's time for His people to worship how they were made to. We love leading ourselves into worship, honing this skill, so in every circumstance we are ready to engage in the most life changing act of turning our eyes to Jesus! Loving God with all we have, in all circumstance, shoulder to shoulder with friends.
We organise relaxed, creative and spacious worship gatherings looking to bless God's heart. We are excited about worship rising up throughout our nation be it singing songs in your car, a few gathered in a living room, a small group around a hospital bed or thousands in a stadium. A typical Worshipping Friends event would be a group of musicians and an extended time of worship anchored in scripture, sung, instrumental, spoken, drawn, (you get the idea).
We love to worship with musicians and artists who love to worship and we gather in varied locations, lounges, community buildings, local business spaces, churches, fields, historical landmarks - places we think would be fun and where we are invited. We also love to support outreach events with worship beforehand, to share testimonies, scriptures and words that spur on worship.

Registered Charity Number: 1177185

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